Monday, 16 August 2010

Fiji time is the best time!

One of the best weeks of the last 6 months - fiji was amazing. Deciding to couchsurf with a local family was an amazing idea and though I was used as a mule for some cheap duty free i had no complaints when I was welcomed me into his home. The fijians really are the friendliest people alive and spontaneously dance for you, force you into 12 hour Kava (a pounded down root whcih tastes like muddy water and removes any feeling in your legs) sessions and generally mill around in their bula shirts abiding by the strict code of fiji time. Though this concept means you never arrive on time or get what you want you couldn't care less because your in paradise. After two nights with the family they helped me organise a few days away on Mani Island. Four nights apparently passed as we were occupied with Bounty rum, cross dressing and trying to climb coconut trees. We spent a few days fishing, exploring the old set of survivor USA and being chased out of the 5 star japenese resort where the contestants slept. I reluctantly left the island but was invited back by the family for a longer stay where i was made guest of honour at a fijian baptisim, saw an english grammar school get pummeled in rugby and being offered a fijian bride as a novelty souvenir. Loaded with vodka and kava for US customs to find inside me i headed over the pacific and being baffled by the international date line which some how saw us time travel!