Monday, 5 April 2010

The final days in asia - KL and singapore

A night bus which kicks you off at 5 AM isn't the best way to start the day and walking around Kuala Lumper trying to find a hostel which is only known by word of mouth between a select few travellers doesn't improve your mood. 25 minutes later the map a Dutch guy drew me on st patricks day worked suprisingly well as i banged on the door which had 'la village' scrawled on over the peeling paint with a permenant marker. Being eyed up by some man-she monster on the corner I breathed a sigh of relief as the door mysteriously swung open on the 20th knock. No reception or night warden just a traveller going to bed who heared me knocking and said i should sleep on the couch untill morning. When i woke it looked even more like a crack den as strange characters trudged around the ripped leather sofas, which were surrounded by crazy artwork. Still confused someone said they were leaving so i could have their bed, on my way to my dorm i watched people doing yoga, painting pictures, learning instruments and watching films.
After a few hours i met some mental but awesome people and began to realise why every backpacker who'd stayed there had loved it. A crazy lad with tourettes was the sons owner and appeared a few times a day to collect the 2 pound rent, other than that there were no rules or order but it some how worked.
The city was pretty cool and with malaysia being obssessed with world records i saw the worlds biggest flag, indoor roller coaster and hat in my first hour in the city. The indoor theme park was mental and even though there was a 6 foot 3 height restriction i disregarded my safety and spine to go on all the rides. We also went to Batu Caves which was packed with loads of monkies who kept attacking people for their food, the little basterds hustled me for some chips. KL has some massive and amazing shopping malls, so we spent most our days there bowling, going to the cinema and eating sushi. The night life was pretty epic with everyone playing sadistic drinking games such as running man, calypso and ring of fire with three packs of cards in the hostel all made easy when a bottle of vodka is only 2 quid; and the night usually finished in the Regga bar.

Singapore - Clean but very expensive

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