Thursday, 1 April 2010


I reluctantly dragged myself away from Ko phangan and the aftermath of a mental half moon party in the jungle. After an hours sleep my minibus was beeping his horn outside and in the panic I left my shoes, machette and wash bag behind. 9 hours, 2 boats, 1 bus, 2 minibuses and 2 taxis later we stepped off in the chinatown of Pennang. I breathed a sigh of relief as a few hours earlier me and a jackie chan look-a-like called locky almost got detained at the border as we lost the group and thought we had to enter ourselves. However they were waiting for us on the Thai side unable to cross as they had our backpacks; after 45 minuteswe knewsomething was wrong and as we tryed to go back across the bridge without an exit stamp we got caught in no mans land as neither country would let us back in without an in depth explanation in their mother tongue. Luckily our minibusdriver got words to one of guards and we were rescued by our our heroic yet very annoyed driver.
The food was unbelievable as you strolled through chinatown, little India and the colonial district. Three curries a day was not what the doctor ordered and definatley wan't what your arse wanted to deal with but iswhat its been dealing with for the last week. Being a half arsed Muslim country beer is very expensive, coming inat a mighty 3 pound a bottle for the local brew - JAZZ. Considering accommodation, 3 meals a day and a funky hat struggles to cost more than 6 pounds, we are talking a locals monthly wage to get you pissed.
The stiffling humidity makes the day pass in truely sweaty style but thats what your paying for. Did the cultural thing of visiting a fort and a few museums only to learn us Brits were pretty awesome. A really cool national park was worth the bus ride as gorgeous beaches and crazy wildlife(monkies, jelly fish/ snakes) kept us on our toes. Alls well and good, hoping to be in kuala luimper by tomorrow morning though im so tight im trying to turn a 6 hour bus journey into my accomodation for the night. Laters xx

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