Friday, 30 July 2010

Aotearoa part 2

Well summing up six weeks of awesomeness is gunna be hard and make me sound like an arrogant arsehole but when as that stopped me. I v even got the cheek to bulllet point because so much has happened, haha.
. franz joseph - to climb the glacier and walk through some amazing ice tunnels. A mad night with the magic massive for stu's birthday ends with me intending to give up alcohol for the eleventh time in 5 months before i faint a little bit after leaving the 32 degree hot pools into 4 degree winds - smooth.
.Wanaka - Lucky to get there on the eve of ski season for the mahoosive party and dog food eating competetion which ends in a guy liking his own vomit up from the floor. The next day we went hunting for shania twains home and hiking around the lake.
Queenstown - Party capital of the southern hemiphere was madness completed by the legendary FERGBURGER - something which can only be explained by a facial expression i will show anyuone when i return. 134 metre nevis bungy jump was an expensive way to ruin my underwear and meet a guy fropm garden village.
. Dunedin - helping drink the legendary gardi pub dry before its demolishn ended with me getting a ticket for the wales rugby match. Although the all blacks demolished us we saw the welsh forwards from subway, stayecin a harry potter themed hostel and broke my camera.
Lake Tekapo - 15,000 ft sky dive blew my mind i may be the best thing i have ever done.

4 weeks of working for a jewish b and b paid the bills and taught me out to punch the skin of a sheep, prune almond trees and abuse chickens without the owners finding out. Living in a caravan was more an experience than a laugh and nothing like snatch. The little town of coromandel did contain a gang of characters, including a few EX - SAS blokes who loved demonstrating how they d brutally murder someone my size when they werent creating a crocky trail style resort called puzzleworld. The local drunk who thought he was jesus, a gang of Maori who stole and burnt boats and dozens and dozens of bearded rascists.

In all new zealand is a backwards and strange little country that i loved every minute of!!!!

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