Friday, 2 July 2010

Filling in the games - part 1 - May in australia

This is my attempt at saving my blog and proving im still alive, so please get youself a cup of tea and pay attention.
Well what happened in may, i found myself spending 3 weeks in Byron bay, working in the arts factory lodge - basically a hot spot for backpackers and traveling bums who love acoustic guitars, bongs and yoga at 5 in the morning. I was also working as a rickshaw taxi driver at night, which turned out to be a money spinning and awesome occupation with unbelievable perks such as half price kebabs. Driving pissed Australians up to the lighthouse, meeting someone from home and away (apparently) and having to go Rambo on two Germans who thought they could ride on my shiny bike, listening to my amazing jokes and enjoying the comfort of my bike AND THEN RUNNING OFF WITHOUT PAYING FOR MY LABOR!!!(found them the next day the shlags) Whilst in Byron i tried surfing but the fact i have no concept of balance and am way too cool for it anyway put an end to that, but our team did when a christian organised beach volleyball competition. After an enlightening day trip to nimbin i awoke for work in a haze, only to discover i had the worst mow-hawk ever created, 36 hours later i was being reunited with my forehead and a shocking tan line.
I fled the bay to coffs harbour, which only tricks tourists into staying due to their enormous banana statue, which was impressive for about a second. I then found myself in Sydney - a really cool and massive city with loads to do, but the opera house is definatley overrated. I then took full advantage of Mouses hospitality in melbourne, the cheeky shit actually has a flat, job and car, even with a face like that. Melbourne was amazing and definatley my favourite place in oz, the night life was mental and obbsessed with sick live music and jugs of snakebite.
With a cheap flight booked to NZ i was gone

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